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3,500 Business Cartoons

- to help you give presentations that engage your audience,
- to make your newsletter more inviting.

"The workplace needs laughter....
[It] boosts engagement... creativity...and productivity."
- Leading with Humor, Harvard Business Review

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Copyright Grantland Enterprises

"People loved the addition of the cartoons to the slides. I saw
smiles and chuckles. Thank you again..."
Lilit Petrosyan, Biotech Company

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We also have over 450 1- Panel Cartoons like this one:

Why Have Professionals Like You Used Our
Cartoons Over 55,000 times?

Because the humor is GOOD - positive and goal-supporting;
it's SAFE - nothing controversial or off-color; and it's
been PROVEN to be effective by 1000s of organizations.

Grantland: Good....Safe....Proven
Humor that

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Testimonials on this and other pages were accumulated over our 25 years of doing business
cartoons for presentations and publications.

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Our business cartoons may not be reproduced without written permission.