Office Cartoons

"GRANTLAND is terrific. It uses humor to make important points that might offend
employees if made through other means....We are extremely pleased with the variety of
topics offered, the effectiveness of the messages, and the terrific customer service...."
Dana Fischetti, General Electric Appliances

Most of the 3,500 cartoons we've done relate to office situations. These cartoons focus on issues specific to an office with chairs, desks, computers, and of course, people.

Being Organized

Computers in the Office


Office Space & Layout

Communications: Telephones, Texting, et al

Office Safety

Secretary Cartoons


Misc. Office Cartoons

Grantland: Good....Safe....Proven
Humor that Works. tm

Testimonials on this and other pages were accumulated over our 25 years of doing business
cartoons for presentations and publications.

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Our business cartoons may not be reproduced without written permission.

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